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Fighting to Play

20 Apr conference-room

Most people that know me know that I’m the proud mother of three beautiful, bright young women.

When my girls were younger, I encouraged them to follow their dreams and build the future that they wanted. As a working mom, I could only hope that I led by example—that they would see they could enter the workforce as a woman and not come up against discrimination.

If only that were true.  Continue reading

Staying Angry: 3 Things to do to Give Women Opportunity

8 Apr littleleauge

I grew up in the 70’s—a time I think was a pretty fantastic to be a kid. My generation didn’t go off to war, survived inflation but not a depression, had a strong and normal middle class, and feared nothing at school except a bad grade.

However, I never realized—until I was about twelve and in sixth grade —that women and girls didn’t have the same opportunities as men and boys. I dreamed of being a doctor, a lawyer, or a TV news reporter, without knowledge or thought of the glass ceiling.

But then Little League happened. While I didn’t play baseball (basketball and track, yes), I had a good friend who did. Penny wanted to play baseball, and since there were no girls teams to play on at the time, she wanted to join the boys team.

Penny’s quest to play Little League with the boys became a big story in my small world. She was fiery, insistent and knew she could outplay many of the boys on the team. But when she showed up to join, she was turned away. For lack of . . . Continue reading

Women in the Arts – Nominate a Candidate

28 Mar meninroom

I received an email recently from the International Arts Magazine promoting their special “Women in the Arts” issue.

Editor Maria Roberts sent out a call for “outstanding and interesting women: not just artists and performance, but anyone working in the sector across admin roles, backstage, front-of-house, directors…”, pointing out that she regularly attends seminars and is shocked to be one of only a few women present. Continue reading

From up here…

23 Oct

I’m writing from 30,000 feet in the air. Not perspective, but literally. I’m experiencing the miracle of flight today and hoping for a miracle in my mind. I’m trying to write myself out of a self-inducloudsced funk.

It’s one of those days where though all really is well – and even beyond well – exciting – my mind is stuck on small losses or frustrations that are like that tiny little raincloud following Winnie the Pooh around all day – while everyone else gets sunshine.

Business is very much like baseball – or any sport for that matter. Hit a home run in the first inning, but have a few strikeouts or a dropped ball in the 3rd and the ecstatic feeling of the home run evaporates into thin air. Success feels short-lived, like so many of life’s little pleasures. The perfect cup of coffee is too quickly lukewarm. A great episode of television is over leaving you wanting another. It’s the curse of ‘never enough’ Continue reading

Christmas in San Miguel De Allende

27 Dec

IMG_0145.JPG (3)For a number of years, I’ve been waning on the Christmas spirit and even deemed by some to be a Scrooge. But truthfully – I love the spiritual aspect of Advent and Christmas.  I love being with family. I love the good food, the hot spicy punches, and candlelight. What I don’t like? I guess growing up in the Charlie Brown Christmas era, it’s the tinsel town and frenzy that has wildly escalated since then that I choose to pass on whenever I can.

This year – I finally got to truly experience something I’ve dreamed about – Christmas in Mexico. Or any other country for that matter, to see what other cultures have done with much the same story.  (And for those who think I’m a Scrooge – I’ve got Christmas music playing on Pandora and it will continue through Three King’s day on the 6th of January.)  Continue reading

On life and work and restlessness

20 Dec

IMG_0125.JPG (3)I’m on a 28-day exploration of a different way to work. My husband and I have dreamt about this since reading the daily schedule of theologian, writer, and professor, CS Lewis. Running the daily operations of a growing technology company, along with heavy travel demands makes it seem impossible for much of the year. But for #28daysinMexico we are giving it a shot.

Here’s the skinny. It works.

We’re working less hours per day. Relaxing more. Sleeping a full 8 hours. And finding clear minds, higher productivity, and creativity are the result.

Something unexpected that is unique to me in our little group of three (our oldest daughter is along) is a feeling of restlessness I’ve had on a least a couple of days. As best as I can figure – it’s a lack of a certain kind of stimulation that may be addictive for my brain, but not good for my soul. What’s missing here? We have the dogs. Internet. Music. Restaurants. There’s plenty of people around – we’re not sitting in isolation. Continue reading

Brad and Lynne’s Excellent Mexico City Adventure

18 Dec

Note: This is not the typical content for my thoughts on life and work. But – we did have an excellent adventure, and by popular request, here’s the story.

IMG_0731We started the #28daysinMexico project with a weekend in Mexico City – a trip I had looked forward to for several years, since reading several books about Mexican history, growing to love Frida Khalo and Diego Rivera’s story and art and wanting to explore the tastes and foods of this world-renowned city. Of course, we fended off the usual questions of crime in Mexico and were we not afraid – traveling to many major U.S. cities has taught us how to be careful and travel smart. We found out one mistake can get you. Continue reading


12 Dec

photo (5)I can’t remember exactly when the idea came to spend the month of December 2013 in Mexico. I do know it’s dreamy to even be able to consider it – and had something to do with all of the three daughters having other plans for the holidays. Somehow, partially with the “Skipping Christmas” thought at hand, an intense work and travel schedule, and the prospect of new ventures but no time to plan them – I breathed the thought. “Let’s go to Mexico – for a month! We can rest. Work. Plan. Dream.”

And when you marry right, thoughts turn to action seamlessly.  Continue reading

That is my intention.

29 Jul

photo (4)I’ve spent over a week in the hospital with my mom. From pre-op days, surgery, ICU and now recovery, I’ve had many moments of wonder, worry and even joy as I watch an amazing woman who has spent most of her years caring for others – her four children, many toddlers at day care, her mom during her later years, and my dad (who suffered a stroke 18 months ago) – now be faced with turning to her own care.

I’ve watched her face for over a week, looking for clues to what was going on inside her soul. Sometimes, it leaked out with great simplicity.

Mom, can I get you anything at all? Is there anything you want or need?

“I am content.” Continue reading

Just show up.

11 Jul

2009_03_27-DinnerPartyThe other night we had our what has become customary ‘community dinner’ – a group of couples from the neighborhood making room in our lives for friends – and in the middle of the always noisy crowd, I glanced down at the five men on the other end of the table, and time stopped for just a moment.

I felt a fondness for them I hadn’t felt before. Separately, they are quite different from one another, varying interests and lifestyles. But together, some sort of magic was happening  that I’m accustomed to when my 3 adult girls are all together or when I’m with my friends- but not so much with the guys.

Perhaps it was that there is an absence of a game to watch or something to be done to focus their energy on. For two years, these guys have come together with their wives to just do nothing but eat a meal and digest life.  Continue reading


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