Relationship ROI

Closing off yet another summer conference, this time venue managers (IAVM) in my hometown, I’m home sipping tea and reflecting with Pandora, my pets, and a few raindrops. Life is good.

I’m among the lucky, to really love what I do. Somewhere along the way, I’ve found that the substance of life and work is not so much the product or business (mine is software and tickets), but the connections along the way. This is something we can’t seem to hear enough about – relationships, networking, and connections. But there’s a frenzy with some – gotta connect to get the next sale or business deal. Continue reading

Never give up, girls!

I’ve been traveling lately with Magali, who works with me. She’s 25, I’m 48, and we both look a little younger than we are. We’re two businesswomen traveling together – and we are still surprised each time  at what she calls “creepers” making the unnecessary comments.

At the airport lounge: “Oh, so you’re the young intern?” He continued with a string of ridiculous commentary reserved for us simply because we’re women. And so our trip began…

Each time, I end up thinking, “Really, guys? Can you not see us as businesswomen? Does it always have to be something about appearances or what we wear?” I keep hoping for a playing field where what we wear is not the biggest news of the day. Can you imagine the commentary on the male politicians?  “He wore a dark suit and red tie.” But Hillary and Sarah were photographed, commented about, and reviewed as much for “her salmon colored pantsuit” than what either of them had to say.
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Super size me, please…

I’m wrapping up a beautiful week of vacation on the California coast. Avoiding crowds, we journeyed in a Jeep, stopping at small hotels, roadside farm stands, renegade vineyards and funky tasting rooms.  I reveled in the beauty and quiet, and wished for a simpler life.

This morning, then, I read Umair Haque’s post, as I often do – and asked with my newly clear, vacation brain, “Am I creating a significant level of  “socio-productivity” in my business?” I’ve asked myself – what is the point of my company (do we just sell tickets?) or is it possible that in my corner of the world, I can add some level of beauty to the messed up, greedy, backwards way business is done?

I’m repulsed by junk – ask anyone who knows me. From food to shopping, I avoid it, and frankly, it’s hard to stay quiet when I can’t. Continue reading


It’s just not vogue to be religious these days. But whether we tweeters want to know it or not – a vast majority of people worldwide find a place for religion of some kind in their life.

Equally important to American life is the great sport of baseball. Sitting in the pew last week, feeling blissfully unplugged, I connected two of the things I grew up with and still love.


I get exhausted just reading some of my fellow tweeters’ posts. Work harder, smarter, faster. Jump on  a plane. Text me, tweet it, blog post, email, stats. Jesus! (Oops, maybe He can help?) Cause reading that back, it sounds a lot like me, too.

On a recent rainy day in Boston, I was happy to discover an indoor mall. Deciding to unplug for an hour or two seemed like a good idea. Over lunch, I kept thinking of tweets and texts to send. OMG, fantastic rice bowl, must make this at home, to my daughter. Nice ladies at Fendi, still no perfect travel wallet, to my husband. What’s this Wamagama noodle heaven? And then I start to wonder, do I have any thoughts that don’t come in 140 characters or less?

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