Yesterday I did an annual review with an employee – I was a bit distracted by an upcoming doctor visit and we ended up talking more about life than anything. She’s a single mom, deals with the usual anxiety (as do many of us) and has been thinking about returning to school…but as we chatted, she said, You know, things are just kind of calm right now, and I’m not sure it’s the right time to add school to my life.

Now, while I truly believe in education, bettering oneself, and moving ahead in life (whatever that means) – I completely got what she was saying. Part of the wisdom of life is realizing that timing is everything. She’s at a good place, there’s a rhythm life is starting to get to, and she – wisely, I believe – is just sitting back and giving herself time to breathe.

In your youth, it’s all about doing and achieving and growing and getting ahead – and all of it, now please.  Betterness can mean knowing when is the right time to do things – and not do things. There’s a fine line between meeting challenges (finishing my degree with three school-aged kids, a full time job and volunteering at church) – and having the wisdom to step back and realize ‘this isn’t the best time.’

I’ve got one eye on a new business venture, another degree, and much more writing. My business, however, is at a solid place, I’m having the time of my life, and we’re just got to the empty nest stage of life. Some would say, “Now’s the time! Get to it!”

Just like my days, sometimes there needs to be breathing room injected into life.

I want to have the self-control to savor life and enjoy the calm (granted, my version of calm may be drastically different from others’). But not needing to run to the next big thing feels incredibly good.

One of my best friends returned to Phoenix a couple of years ago needing a fresh start. She – in her wisdom – relaxed, let life happen, and didn’t jump quickly. She hiked, spent time with friends and her kids, made new connections – she’s now standing on solid ground, back in school for a new career and wildly happy.

Maybe it’s a little like eating Lifesavers – little hard candies that are meant to be dissolved slowly – savored – it’s so tempting to bite them and get all the flavor in several seconds. A difference of only minutes. To all who have the patience, here’s to savoring the now.

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