Wherever you go, there you are

You know it’s a good vacation when I have no idea of the date or the time as I sit to write this post. I’m in the incredibly enviable position of sitting on a beautiful, almost empty beach of a remote fishing village on the pacific coast of Mexico. I’ve digested the newest Dan Brown novel, a half dozen magazines and entirely too much tequila on night one.

Too many times, I’ve thought a little too much on my time off, or spent it discussing, analyzing and dreaming – only to return to my life either feeling discouraged or wishing I was in a different place.

I’m happy to be more settled now – and while I’m certainly scoping out potential spots to return to – for part or someday even all of a year – I know that the best life to live is the one I’m living today.

If you hate your job while on vacation, news flash – you hate your job at home too. Not happy with who you are when you stop long enough to consider what’s important on the beach – then the same applies at home.

A little trite, maybe – but true! I plan to live at least part time in Mexico – but I’m aware that I’m coming along with me. My husband’s grandfather had an annoying but true saying “Wherever you go, there you are.” He had apparently discovered this same truth.

It’s a very global society and I love to travel – but you can spot the disappointed escapist everywhere – so sad to discover that their true self came along with the one they’d hoped to leave behind.

I connected with an expat living in this tiny village while here – and it’s enviable that she is here right now. Her mom comes each winter for 3 months, and Dana is living happily here, escaping only the high cost of living near the beach in the US. You get a sense that she’s settled and not running from anything.

We are headed home tomorrow, and back too quickly to prepping for our move to a smaller home – but it takes just a few seconds to catch up and realize my life is rich. I am always reticent to leave the beach – but I’m not about to miss out on the things life has for me now, while kidding myself that somehow, my life in Mexico would transform me to something I can’t be right now.

And that’s true contentment. And there for all of us, right here, right now.

Sidenote: I AM pretty serious about my backyard chickens. That’s what I am taking home from this trip. Let’s do it. Heck, I already hang my laundry to dry, grow my own veggies, and buy local. I’ll bring a little village back to suburbia for now…

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