Mind’s eye wide open…

third-eyeThere’s a kink in my back…I just realized this putting away a blanket and wondered where this came from. Sitting down more carefully in the chair in the sunny living room (my office today), the next thought was, “Ah. Yoga. When have I last been to class?” And there you go.

Might also be why I became aware that I was grinding my jaw earlier today and sat and looked at my scribbled list of action items and couldn’t seem to land on any of them.  Continue reading

December the Twenty-Fifth

december25December the twenty-fifth.

It’s the big day. We push to get so many things done, complain a bit about how busy we are, neglect the business of life, forget exercise, all for the big day. It comes. We indulge in gifts and food. And then comes December the twenty-sixth. It’s over. And some years it seems almost icky the day after. All that clutter and coziness. (((shudder))))

Feeling a bulgy waistline, the leftovers that should have brought more happiness were often left. The tree’s needles seemed less green. The clutter of celebration became annoying.  Continue reading