That is my intention.

photo (4)I’ve spent over a week in the hospital with my mom. From pre-op days, surgery, ICU and now recovery, I’ve had many moments of wonder, worry and even joy as I watch an amazing woman who has spent most of her years caring for others – her four children, many toddlers at day care, her mom during her later years, and my dad (who suffered a stroke 18 months ago) – now be faced with turning to her own care.

I’ve watched her face for over a week, looking for clues to what was going on inside her soul. Sometimes, it leaked out with great simplicity.

Mom, can I get you anything at all? Is there anything you want or need?

“I am content.” Continue reading

Just show up.

2009_03_27-DinnerPartyThe other night we had our what has become customary ‘community dinner’ – a group of couples from the neighborhood making room in our lives for friends – and in the middle of the always noisy crowd, I glanced down at the five men on the other end of the table, and time stopped for just a moment.

I felt a fondness for them I hadn’t felt before. Separately, they are quite different from one another, varying interests and lifestyles. But together, some sort of magic was happening  that I’m accustomed to when my 3 adult girls are all together or when I’m with my friends- but not so much with the guys.

Perhaps it was that there is an absence of a game to watch or something to be done to focus their energy on. For two years, these guys have come together with their wives to just do nothing but eat a meal and digest life.  Continue reading