Women in the Arts – Nominate a Candidate

I received an email recently from the International Arts Magazine promoting their special “Women in the Arts” issue.

Editor Maria Roberts sent out a call for “outstanding and interesting women: not just artists and performance, but anyone working in the sector across admin roles, backstage, front-of-house, directors…”, pointing out that she regularly attends seminars and is shocked to be one of only a few women present.


I’m with Maria Roberts – what year is it?

As a female CEO in a largely male entertainment industry, I understand the plight. I’ve been a lone female at the table in far too many instances.

That’s why I’m encouraging all of you to nominate the females in your industry that inspire their employees, create phenomenal work environments, or simply kick-ass at what they do.

This may be a single issue to honor a single set of women, but there are women out there working every day with no recognition at all.

Don’t be invisible. Don’t let the women in our industry be invisible. Let’s see more women highlighted for making strides in the arts, on the stage and behind it. Let’s see more women speaking and in leadership at our conferences and our trade shows — let’s read about them in our blogs, our newsletters, our tweets!

Nominate a woman you know today. I know I will.

Learn more about the magazine at www.internationalartsmanager.com, and please send a paragraph nominating the women you’d like to see featured to mroberts@impromptupublishing.com by 31 March.

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