lynne king smith

A note that this post will not cover work, business or ‘5 things about’ anything. Today calls for something different. If you’re in the mood for a holiday post, I’ve got you covered.

Let me set the stage. My living room is a cozy scene with a fluffy shag rug, fur pillows on the plush sofa and wintery, holiday décor pretty much everywhere you look.

It literally calls to me and says, “come on in, get comfy… stay awhile.”

Tonight, the sights and sounds in here bounced between the evening news shows, which pretty much beat any Russian spy novel I’ve ever read. Is Maria a double-agent? Is her boyfriend CIA or recruited as an agent of Russia? Why is she cooperating? Will she be extradited? Turn the page to find out…

…and the sounds of holiday music playing in the old school way on my nearly vintage CD player that still knows how to shuffle any six of the twenty-five or so CD’s collected over the years from Starbucks, Old Navy, Victoria’s Secret and still beat any mix I can find anywhere else.

In the midst of Christmas trees and jingle bells, Luciano breaks the spell:

“Our father…”

A prayer. Whether grateful or fearful, seems like a good thing that most of us do in some way. Abba. Muhammed. Jehovah. Universe. Mother.

Through the evening, two of my sweet, grown daughters wander in and out. “I’ve got some rosé chilled,” seemed to be the ticket. There are pups and cats. Wine. Easy conversation.

Blessed. Lucky. Blissful even.

And on the other coast, it’s a flurry of indictments, news, theories, denials, and spies.


I’m living history in real time. There are more firsts and more mentions of our founding fathers than any other time (and we have had other times). I watch and learn it all from within the incredible comfort and fortune of a cozy home and loving family.

“Thy will be done.”

Can it be possible that this is it? That our own choices have brought us to this moment that indeed those founding fathers knew we would come at some point? This point. And the document would do its work and keep the union strong?

“Give us this day our daily bread…”

Simple food, a little rotisserie chicken salad, topped with cheese, broiled on an English muffin, can taste so good. Melty goodness, shared with the same one who as a little girl always did love a good melt, now sharing it in the comfy room with the chilled rosé.

She indulges me in talk about grandmothers, politics, and a little faith.


“For thine is the kingdom”

This beautiful nation is not mine alone; it’s yours, and ours, and theirs. This nation will stand this test and many more if we don’t falter. Get past the noise, and a combination of ordinary people who believe in this great experiment will do the right thing, make hard choices, and find we are still standing, made stronger by testing the tenants of the Constitution.

“Forever and ever, amen.”

Nothing is forever, but for the deities. This peace, life as it is today is just that. On this evening from my little cottage cozy home in peaceful, nearly perfect Gilbert, Arizona, I really do feel the pang of realization that nothing is forever.

This moment, this night, each day comes and just as quickly passes.


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