My Post-INTIX Gratitude & A Fantastic Write-up by Dave Wakeman

lynne king smith

Below is a fantastic blog post from Dave Wakeman, The Revenue Architect and Principal at Wakeman Consulting Group where he helps organizations transform the way they generate revenue through coaching, consulting, teaching, and other experiences. In his write-up, he lists out some people to try to meet at INTIX, a ticketing conference that took place in Texas at the end of January. I’m thrilled that I hosted the inaugural INTIX Women in Live Entertainment Leadership panel workshop, and meet and greet reception, proudly sponsored by Ticket Force.

Meeting so many driven women in the ticketing space was wonderful, and I want to thank everyone who joined my workshop – it was a packed house with overflow in the hall! What a fabulous event! Thanks, Dave, for including me in your write-up.

8 People That Will Make Your INTIX Experience Super Awesome!

By: Dave Wakeman

INTIX will be starting as this post goes live and there are going to be a lot of people that you are going to have the ability to connect with and meet.

And, as I’ve mentioned before, a lot of your success at a conference comes down to the people you meet.

While I will never be able to get everyone, here are 8 people you should look up and try and make certain you meet.

Maureen Andersen:

She’s the boss, sure. But she is also a tireless advocate for the profession of ticket selling. So look her up. She will be certain to point you towards something or someone that will enhance your conference.

Andrew Thomas:

Andrew is one of the founders of the Ticketing Professionals Conference in the UK.

He is going to be doing a couple of speaking gigs, he’s on the board of INTIX, and he is connected to many people around the world.

Derek Palmer:

Derek is fresh from a few years in London.

So the least you can do is welcome him home.

Derek is also on the board of INTIX and he can point you towards some really cool opportunities to get to know people, get involved, and learn the most you possibly can.

Jo Michele:

Jo is one of the founders of Ticketing Professionals in Australia and she is a really great ambassador for the profession of tickets.

She does a lot of work with nonprofits in Australia and has a unique view on what makes selling tickets zoom.

Tim Chambers:

Tim is one of the best follows on Twitter.

He is also like me, a ticket hustler, going everywhere, knowing everyone, and sharing information far and wide.

In fact, if you find him, you are likely to find me.

Simon Mabb:

Simon is CEO of Booking Protect but he is also a global leader in customer-centric business practices.

You’ll want to meet up with Simon to find out about how he has used customer service to grow several businesses and how he has used customer review sites as a secret weapon.

You will be able to find Simon, Cat Spencer, and me at Booth 204 on the exhibition floor.

Jane Kleinberger:

She is the founder of Paciolan and has been incredibly influential on the success of INTIX.

She is very involved in several cool new initiatives that INTIX is putting together to increase the value of membership to members.

Lynne King Smith:

Lynne is CEO of TicketForce. She is a tireless advocate for women in tickets and she loves a good craft beer.

You will want to check out Lynne’s session on women in tickets and you’ll want to make sure you connect with her outside of the session.

She has great ideas and is a passionate leader.

I mean, it goes without saying you should meet me as well. But that was a given.

Am I right?

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