Looking for a Change? It’s All About Taking Action

take action toward dreams

It’s easy to talk about what we think and feel and how we believe we should do something differently.

We have all said things like, “I want to be a writer,” or “I want to learn a new language” or even, “Our country is headed in a direction that I don’t like, why don’t they do something?” but it all means little until there is action.

I’m not a blogger unless I actually sit and write. Designing the blog site, creating the name, and seeking out photos is fun, but the rub only comes when I sit with a blank document and begin. And sometimes, begin again.

A while back, we celebrated the opening of our new office in a fantastic new building. This was a dream project that was created simply by doing; by taking action. After years of dreaming and talking, the time came to do. It was frightening at many turns; much harder than dreaming and talking. One of my peers wrote me a text the day after that said, “You did that. You created that. You are the reason.” (She went on to say, “You are a bonafide BADASS,” which was my favorite part!)

See the action? Planned. Did. Created. To get there, what do you do? Begin.

All around us, we believe things will change, not when people are talking about it, but when we see action. Women speaking out about abuse; students taking action, demanding action, not just talking. Sunday night’s Oscar Awards saw more minorities and women with nominations and awards than just a few short years ago. Why? The very composition of the board and membership was changed to reflect the diversity of those who work in all aspects of film. (In 2010, it was a high majority of whites and males. They recognized that, changed the composition of the members, and change happened).

Action is powerful.

Sometimes the steps can be small. But action spurs action. I catch myself bemoaning something I’m not happy about; but then, the power comes when you pivot from that and take an intentional step. I had a recent disappointment in a negotiation that could have meant powerfully big changes for my company. Outside of my control, the pause button was hit. Now what?

Pivot. Yes, I played basketball in high school and loved learning how to use the pivot when you feel trapped. Keeping one foot planted, a quick pivot can get you around the defense and open up a new pass or open shot. Once you’ve picked up the ball, the only other option is to stand there, frozen.  But the pivot is action.

I’m pivoting, not pouting, and already finding new options.

Frances McDormand ended her Best Actress acceptance speech with 2 words: Inclusion Rider. She’s spurring action. In those two words, she’s using her influence and offering up a way to take action for more inclusion of any minority or underrepresented group in the industry.

Today, I’m going to look for the moments when I’ve picked up the ball and felt frozen. Defenseless words may come: I can’t. He won’t allow me. They won’t budge. On and on.

Remember the pivot. Begin. And then begin again.

Will you join me? What action can you take today – this week – this month – that will open things up where you may be frozen? Write me below and let me know! I’d love to hear how a pivot brought change into your life.

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