Super size me, please…

I’m wrapping up a beautiful week of vacation on the California coast. Avoiding crowds, we journeyed in a Jeep, stopping at small hotels, roadside farm stands, renegade vineyards and funky tasting rooms.  I reveled in the beauty and quiet, and wished for a simpler life.

This morning, then, I read Umair Haque’s post, as I often do – and asked with my newly clear, vacation brain, “Am I creating a significant level of  “socio-productivity” in my business?” I’ve asked myself – what is the point of my company (do we just sell tickets?) or is it possible that in my corner of the world, I can add some level of beauty to the messed up, greedy, backwards way business is done?

I’m repulsed by junk – ask anyone who knows me. From food to shopping, I avoid it, and frankly, it’s hard to stay quiet when I can’t. Continue reading