On life and work and restlessness

IMG_0125.JPG (3)I’m on a 28-day exploration of a different way to work. My husband and I have dreamt about this since reading the daily schedule of theologian, writer, and professor, CS Lewis. Running the daily operations of a growing technology company, along with heavy travel demands makes it seem impossible for much of the year. But for #28daysinMexico we are giving it a shot.

Here’s the skinny. It works.

We’re working less hours per day. Relaxing more. Sleeping a full 8 hours. And finding clear minds, higher productivity, and creativity are the result.

Something unexpected that is unique to me in our little group of three (our oldest daughter is along) is a feeling of restlessness I’ve had on a least a couple of days. As best as I can figure – it’s a lack of a certain kind of stimulation that may be addictive for my brain, but not good for my soul. What’s missing here? We have the dogs. Internet. Music. Restaurants. There’s plenty of people around – we’re not sitting in isolation. Continue reading

The real thing

I spent some hours last week filling in for several traveling Client Services employees and for the most part, enjoyed talking to clients, assisting with their needs, and getting the job done. And then there was *Frank.

Frank was a ticket buyer – and called because he hadn’t received his tickets in the mail. Our agent explained that in this case, there was an order for the ticket stock that was seriously delayed due to the east coast storms and flooding, and that his tickets would be mailed the following week.

For most buyers, this was reasonable. But Frank – for whatever things are going on in his life – decided to escalate the call to a supervisor. It was, as he said, “ridiculous and unacceptable.”  It was almost closing and the supervisor was in my office, so I told him I would take the call. It had been a number of years since I’d handled a customer complaint, and I thought it would be good for me to stay in touch with the daily dealings of my staff. Continue reading

Super size me, please…

I’m wrapping up a beautiful week of vacation on the California coast. Avoiding crowds, we journeyed in a Jeep, stopping at small hotels, roadside farm stands, renegade vineyards and funky tasting rooms.  I reveled in the beauty and quiet, and wished for a simpler life.

This morning, then, I read Umair Haque’s post, as I often do – and asked with my newly clear, vacation brain, “Am I creating a significant level of  “socio-productivity” in my business?” I’ve asked myself – what is the point of my company (do we just sell tickets?) or is it possible that in my corner of the world, I can add some level of beauty to the messed up, greedy, backwards way business is done?

I’m repulsed by junk – ask anyone who knows me. From food to shopping, I avoid it, and frankly, it’s hard to stay quiet when I can’t. Continue reading