Good enough.

I just recently turned 49. Which translates to something bigger:  I’m in my 50th year of living. Even typing that feels a bit shocking, as I’m still somewhat sixteen years old on the inside.

The other day, on my yoga mat (where only good things happen) I saw my life in two distinct halves. (I’ve always held to some sort of belief that I will live to one hundred or slightly beyond). So the arithmetic says, I’m just starting the second half of my life. And then it hit me.

What if I could really get a second start at 50? What if it were just as if the slate were wiped clean, and along with it, stupid mistakes, big and small, were just – gone. Continue reading

Life, interrupted.

I think I have my life in pretty good balance. I run my company, have time for my family and friends, exercise, garden a little, travel – and even blog with some regularity. It can all feel wonderfully balanced. Imagine that the week following Christmas, we even threw together a little wine and cheese party with some friends and it was completely lovely. “This life-balance thing really works!”

And then come the interruptions. Continue reading

The sound of silence

Lately, I’ve been finding myself drawn towards meditation. For a person who loves to talk, narrates every story multiple times, and writes what words I have left in the day, this has been a surprising discovery.

I’ve found that just the word meditation carries a lot of varying ideas, and for some is more than a bit scary. Is it spiritual? Complicated? Does it require candles, incense, readings, and a theme? (No, no, no and no.)

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